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We work hard to provide a good product, made in America by Americans.  We want you to burn safely and wisely.

Kenny’s  Burn Barrels

Kennys collection of burn barrels.  3 vent, 6 vent, and 9 vent mini-incinerators.Kennys One Thousand Gallon burn barrel.  Save thousands of dollars by burning your cardboard and papers instead of filling the landfil. What do you pay to fill a dumpster every week?  If recycling cardboard boxes is not an option in your community then consider burning them safely in one of Kenny's mini-incinerators.

Do Not burn Trash with cans and bottles.  These Incinerators are most efficient with papers, wood, leaves, yard debris, and cardboard.  Recycle your aluminum cans and Bottles

Mini –Incinerator’s

80% Made from recycled materials

Help us protect your home, forest and wildlife.

Burn safely and wisely.

Our mini-incinerators are designed and manufactured in North Pole

Alaska, to burn  paper, leaves, brush, wood, sugar cane and debris,

efficiently and economically.

Protect your identity by burning your personal papers.


Kenny’s Burn Barrels exceeds the  State of Alaska and Federal regulations

for burning debris safely.


Kenny’s Burn Barrels wants to assist you in your village, island community and state, with safe mini-incinerators for your burning needs.  Using properly designed burn barrels will help protect property and wildlife.


Made In The USA

We at Kenny's Burn  Barrels, are in  accordance with the laws and regulations of the State Of Alaska.

We can work with the Department of Natural Resources and the Division of Forestry in your area.


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Please Mail To:

Kenny’s Burn Barrels

PO BOX 70476

Fairbanks, Alaska 99707

Pre-paid shipping is required

Shipping to Rural areas needs to be arranged by you.

 (I can assist)

Manufactured Location

1466 Granola Dr.

North Pole Alaska 99705


Phone# (907) 456-BURN (2876)

Fax# (907) 488-4725


Email Kenny



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Deluxe (9) nine vent burn barrel comes with the accessories: foot pedal, sprinkler system, clean out door, heavy screen, carrying handles and burn grate. Foot petal raises the burn screen to allow for hands free depositing burn material into the barrel.  BEFORE burning attach a garden hose to the lower fitting and pressurize the system.  There MUST be water in the pipe before burning to prevent damnage to the pipe.

1000 Gallon Incinerator

Custom Stainless Steel 9 Vent

55 Gallon 9 vent  Super Deluxe models, shown with sprinkler system, foot pedal, wheels.

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***Cancelled Orders will be Charged $25.00 restocking fee***

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**All Prices Subject to Change**

Shipping a Standard Burn Barrel Out of State costs approximately $100.00 and up,  depending on your address.   Contact Kenny with your address for Exact shipping.

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