Kenny’s State Approved Burn Barrels

Kennys One Thousand Gallon burn barrel.  Save thousands of dollars by burning your cardboard and papers instead of filling the landfil. What do you pay to fill a dumpster every week?  If recycling cardboard boxes is not an option in your community then consider burning them safely in one of Kenny's mini-incineratora.


6 Vent Burn barrel  with clean out door, attached heavy screen.  $134.00


Shipping not included in price

The Basic 3 vent Barrel comes with a clean out door, attached heavy screen.


Basic Barrel with heavy screen $116.00


Shipping not included in price

There are several options that can be added to the barrels be sure to see next page for prices . Click the accessories link !!! 


30 day warranty on all mechanical parts. 


No warranty on paint!


(heat paint is not cost effective at this time), however, we manufacture covers for the barrels. 


You must wear hand and foot protection while burning

The more vents on a barrel will enable the debris to burn more efficiently  and require less attention to keep the fire going.  Burn papers, leaves, brush, sugar cane and wood economically.


9 vent Burn barrel with clean out door, heavy screen.


9 Vent Burn barrel $149.00

Shipping not included in price

In Alaska

Local Delivery Charge of $25.00 within the city limits of North Pole and Fairbanks.


Shipping to Anchorage is approximately  $68.00.  Contact Kenny to confirm shipping price.








ALL Other areas your  Address and  Phone Number are required for  accurate shipping quotes.




Allow 1 to 6 weeks according to stock on hand.

This is our deluxe model.  It comes configured with 9 vents, Clean out Door, Heavy Screen, Foot  Petal,  Sprinkler System,  Carrying Handles, and Burn Grate.






Super Deluxe model includes wheels, stabilizer legs for  asphalt and concrete only.






Shipping not included in price

**Cancelled Orders will be Charged $25.00 restocking fee**

$$$ Special Order  Stainless Steel Barrels $$$


These barrels are Custom Made.  28 inches in diameter by 48 inches high.

50% Non-Refundable Deposit.

For further questions call us at (907) 456-BURN (2876)


E-Mail Kenny

Shipping a Standard Burn Barrel Out of State costs approximately $100.00 and up, depending on your address.   Contact Kenny with your address for Exact shipping.

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