Barrel business takes off like wildfire

News paper article about how Ken Soles got his start in the Burn Barrel Manufacturing business.

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Fire Out of Control?   Not with a Kennys Burn Barrel.  Order from

We work hard to provide a good product, made in America by Americans.  We want you to burn safely and wisely.

Kenny’s article   Reproduced here for your reading pleasure.   :-)

Kenny’s TV Commercial in 2000

Burn Wisely...Burn Responsively!

Kenny And Smokey

Kenny and Smokey The Bear appearing together at a local event.


So make a wise investment

With Kenny's Burn Barrels

Only you can prevent!!!!!

Safety Precautions


At Kenny's Burn Barrels , we recommend to always burn safely, wear hand and foot protection. Above all be fire wise in accordance with the state's safety codes and Federal Regulations for safe burning in your area.

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Shipping to Rural areas needs to be arranged by you.

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