Custom Toys Available from Kenny’s Burn Barrels

Hauling Sled/Trailer: This sled can come with wheels, or skis as shown below.  It will attach to snow machine or 4-wheeler.  This model is built with welded steel and can be used to dump ash from a large 3000, 1000, 500 gallon Incinerator.


Notice folding top cover to secure ash from flying out of trailer during transport.  For easier removal, the rear door can be removed.  Notice Hitch to attach to motorized off-road vehicle.


For Off-road Use only

Wheels or skis easily exchanged by removing 5 lug nuts on each side.  Cool!

As designed each Trailer has space to accommodate  (4) 55 gallon barrels.  Do Not Overload your snow machine or 4-wheeler.  Check your owners manual for weight capacity.

Contact Kenny’s Burn Barrels  regarding your custom requirements.


As designed each Trailer will hold (4) 55 gallon barrels.


Don’t overload your ATV or snow machine!

Check owners manual for weight capacity.

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North Pole Alaska 99705


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Text Box: Barbeque Grill Rotisserie Cooker
Variable rotisserie speed control works off 12 volt car/truck battery (Battery Not Included). 
Comes with trickle charger; plugs into 120 volt household current to recharge the battery.  Cooks with charcoal (you supply the charcoal).
Take it camping.  Rotisserie will run over 24 hours on standard 12 volt car battery, fully charged.  Your results may vary on condition of your battery.
How do you want yours made?   Contact Kenny for your customizations.


Truck Ladder Rack


Custom made to fit your pick up.

Price varies with truck size.



Call for Pricing (907) 456 BURN





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